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2408, 2020

Cover crops have a wide range of benefits, US farmers say

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The Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) programme of the US Department of Agriculture has recently released the findings of their 2019-2020 National Cover Crop Survey. The survey includes perspectives from 1,172 farmers in the United States. Here are some

2503, 2020

COVID-19 – making sure that we produce safe food

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According to the European Food Safety Authority[1], there is no evidence that food is a source or a transmission route of the novel Coronavirus, which causes COVID-19. But consumers might start to worry about fruit like grapes or strawberries. Were

1010, 2019

Watergebruik en monitering in Pongola

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Baie hoë intensiewe besproeiingsboerdery vind plaas in Pongola, Noord-Natal, oor ‘n area van 17 000 ha. 97% van gewasproduksie bestaan uit suikerriet. Die Pongolagebied het geen noemenswaardige ondergrondse water nie en is totaal afhanklik van reënval en die Pongolariviersisteem. Die

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