What must I do with the data?

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According to Notice 141 (2018) and Notice 34 (2020), water users are required to submit their water measuring records on a monthly basis directly, or through their Water Users Association or Irrigation Board, to one of the following emails depending on their location: Limpopo                                          metering.limpopo@dws.gov.za Olifants                                            metering.olifants@dws.gov.za Inkomati-Usuthu                           metering.inksuthu@dws.gov.za Vaal                                                  metering.vaal@dws.gov.za

Who must pay for the measuring device?

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The water user must pay for the device. A local water resource management institution may decide to buy water meters in bulk to negotiate a better price for their members. According to Government Notice 131 (2017), the water user must operate and maintain the water measuring device in accordance with the requirements and specifications of

What level of accuracy can you expect from different types of meters and metering?

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For open channel flow metering, you can expect an error of approximately 8%. For the different types of meters, you can expect the following accuracies: Mechanical meters are usually the least accurate. With the latest technology, they can have an accuracy of 2%. Electromagnetic meters have an accuracy between 0.5% and 2%. Ultrasonic transit time

What is the best device to install?

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It is important that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type of meter for your specific conditions and budget. Also, make sure that you select a meter that meets the functionality requirements of the Department. You will find this here. We recommend that you also talk to users in your area or other

Should return flows be measured?

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According to the Department’s guidelines for measurement (page 8 and 9), water users are required to measure: water abstracted from the water resource, and return flows. Return flows are usually small streams occurring at different places and are not easy to measure. The Department regards them as part of the water loss of a scheme.

If you use groundwater for irrigation, must it be metered?

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Yes, if you have received a directive from the Department or the local water resource management institution. Government Notice 131 (2017) states that the directive to measure “apply to all taking of water from a water resource for the purpose of irrigation where the water user is required to measure such water”.

Who needs to measure?

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In terms of Government Notice 131 (2017), the Department may direct any water user, where it has reasonable grounds to believe that the water user is not complying with the provisions of regulation 5 (Installation and use of water measuring devices and record keeping), to comply with the regulation at the water user's expense, and

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